Monday 10 August 2015

Guide to getting tummy rubs

I hope that some other cats come across this. Having reached the age of 60 catty years, here are my tips on making sure your human gives you good tummy rubs:

- Lie on your tummy, paws stretched out, face resting on paws: this looks cute and sleepy, and attracts humans.

- If your human doesn't approach of their own accord, let out a tiny, squeaky meow, to get attention.

- As your human approaches, let out a 'hi' meow, then roll onto your back or side, exposing your tummy.

- Just as they get to you, tuck your front paws right in for maximum cuteness. You may purr a little too.

- Let your human rub and tickle your tummy, being sure to purr and close your eyes.

- You may roll over, back and forth, to appear playful.

- Try, where possible, not to have a catty brain spasm and switch to attack mode, biting and bunny kicking your human's hand. This confuses humans and means they are less likely to give future belly rubs.

That's it, catty friends.

Hope you receive lots of belly rubs.

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