Wednesday 10 April 2019

Yummy Food

I went to the catty doctor a few days ago and things have changed.

My humans have started to give me a new food and it's yummy - I have to lick the whole bowl clean and not just eat the gravy.

I'm not sure what this stuff is, but it says 'sensitivity' on the pack. 
It's almost as good as ham.

But my humans are acting strangely. They'll only give me a little bit of this food at a time, even if I has a hungry.

They're also denying me ham. It doesn't matter how many times I meow 'haaaam... haaaaaam' in front of the tall white thing, they won't give me any.

I wonder what the catty doctor said. I wonder why I'm being given this yummy new food. I wonder why I'm only being given such small amounts. I wonder why I'm not allowed ham.

I has a confused.

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