Friday 11 January 2019

Teaching sleeping

The other cat in the house is learning more and more from me, each day.

Today, she learnt the true art of napping.

I was modelling the perfect napping position when she jumped onto the humans' bed.
I watched her study me, and learn.

The perfect napping position includes:

Curling your body round in a circle, to keep all your inner bits warm.

Tucking your nose in, so it doesn't get cold.

Tucking your front feets in, both so they're out of the way and so that you look cute to humans, giving access for belly rubs.

Tucking your back feets in, so no human is tempted to touch them.

Keeping your head down, but your ears up, just in case there's any danger/you hear a tin of tuna being opened.

The other cat has more or less understood the correct napping position, but is still learning. With practice, she'll get it just right.

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