Sunday 10 June 2018

Silly dog

I was sitting near the house of one of my favourite humans, blinking at the sun, when another human came along, with a dog.

The dog was pulling away from his human, on that weird string dogs have to be kept on.

It was a strange dog. It had a squished face and pointy ears.

It came towards me, sniffing and growling.
I stayed where I was.

When it got to me, it started barking lots.
It was in front of me - barking, and barking, and barking.

I stared at it, then blinked.

It kept barking.
I stayed where I was.

It kept barking.
It was getting on my nerves.
I swiped at it with my paw, and it made a funny noise.

Its human said 'come on, boy - leave the cat'.
They both walked off.

I sat.
I blinked.

Idiot dog.

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