Saturday 3 February 2018

Food, scratch, vom

I had a hungry.
I meowed at my human.
He ignored my protests.
I meowed louder.
He put a bowl of food out for me.

I bolted my food down.
I was happy.

I was so happy that, straight after eating, I went over to the mat by the front door and scratched it lots.
I got really excited.
Then I realised I'd only just eaten, and I was actually too excited.
I did a catty-vom on the floor.

My human came over and said 'Clive - you've just eaten!'
I blinked at him.

My human cleaned up my catty-vom, then came back to where my bowl was.

I was hungry again, as I'd just lost the food I'd eaten.
I meowed at him.
He shook his head.

I ate what was left in the bowl, then had some biscuits.

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