Thursday 16 March 2017

Get out!

I went outside for a wee.

When I finished my wee, I could smell another scent on my territory.
I could smell a catty scent.

I wasn't happy.

I sniffed and sniffed... then I looked up and saw a pair of eyes, not too far away.

I was angry.
This is my territory.

It was a cat with black and white fur.
It was smaller than me.
It was a boy cat.
He swished his tail.

I let out a low meow, to warn him.

I puffed out my fur.

I let out a yowl.

He stood and swished his tail.

I ran at him - yowling.

He ran towards a fence.
I swiped at his back with my claws.

He ran up to the top of the fence and back down again.

My human came outside, shouting 'Oi! Stop it!'

He was in my way.
I hissed at him.

The cat shot off, onto the grass.
I ran after him, yowling.

My human ran after us, shouting 'Clive!'

The cat ran off and I couldn't find him.

I came back inside, meowed at my human, and rubbed against his leg.

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