Monday 6 February 2017

Crinkly thing

I came in when it was dark this morning.

I wanted to see my human.
I wanted food.
I wanted a nap.

As I was walking towards my human's bed, ready to jump up, my paws went onto something - something crinkly. It made a crinkly crunkly noise when I stood on it.

I liked the crinkly crunkly noise, and I liked how it felt under my paws.

The crinkly thing was orange and said 'Sainsbury's' on it.

I kept standing on it, padding my paws up and down.

My human said; 'Clive, what are you doing?'

I crinkled the crinkly crunkly thing a bit more.

My human said; 'It's four in the bloody morning'.

I crinkled it a little bit more.

Then I jumped on the bed and put my cold nose in my human's ear.


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