Sunday 22 January 2017

What is plank?

I came in through the window near my food bowl.

I walked through the toilet room, meowing loudly for my human, and found him in our sleeping room.

He looked strange.
He was making funny faces, breathing loudly, moving about lots, and his face was all wet.

He was staring at another human, on a big screen, who was also moving about lots.
This human kept shouting sounds like 'squat', 'lunge' and 'jack feet'.
He was surrounded by other humans, all moving about.

My human moved every time the human on the screen shouted something.

I didn't have time for this. I needed attention and I was hungry.

I meowed, and rubbed against my human's legs while he was crouching.

He started moving left and right, so I moved with him - to keep rubbing against his legs.

The human on the screen said 'plank', and my human lay on the floor, slightly lifted up.
This was odd.

I was really hungry now, so I weaved in and out underneath him, pawed at his arm, and headbutted his face.

He lay down completely and said 'for fuck's sake, Clive'.

I headbutted him again.

He got up and put food in my bowl.
I was happy.

His face was still all wet.

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