Wednesday 12 October 2016

Wrong food

I think my human thinks I'm silly.

In the big box of my food, there are only the red packets left. They say 'beef' on them.

I don't like the red packets.
I only like the green 'tuna' packets, the pink 'salmon' packets... and the yellow 'chicken' packets are okay.

There was some food out this morning from a red packet. I sniffed it, then backed away and looked up at my human.

He lifted the bowl up, stirred it with a spoon, then put it down in front of me again.

I looked up at him, thinking: 'I'm not stupid, human - why did you do that?'

I was now hungry.
I meowed at my human.

He opened a new packet and put the food on top of the old food. That new packet was a red one.

I sniffed the food, then walked away.

My human said something about 'fussy bastard'.

I shall wait until he offers me green or pink packets.

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