Thursday 15 September 2016

Wasted licks

Today I gave myself a good wash.

I licked my front paws, then the rest of my front legs.

I licked my front bit and my sides.

I licked my paw and rubbed it on my face.

I rolled onto my back and cleaned my bum and my tail.

I then licked my tummy.

Finally, I stuck my back legs in the air, one by one, and licked them.

I was clean.
I was happy.

I went outside, wandered a little way from home... then lots of water came out of the sky... big, fat blobs of water.

I couldn't run inside in time, and the water blobs kept splashing me. They went all over my nice, clean fur and even went in my ears. This made me do catty head-shakes.

All my licks were wasted.
I was sad.

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