Monday 11 July 2016

Human? Here?

I'm so confused.

My human has been gone for what feels like catty-weeks, so I have been staying with my other humans.

I like my other humans. I get lots of fuss and they give me different food. I also have three different beds I can sleep on at night.

I was having a nap on one of their beds yesterday, when I heard a familiar voice: was that my human?

I stretched and trotted down the stairs and, in the food room, talking to my other humans, was my usual human.
What was he doing here? How does he know I come here? Why wasn't he in our usual home?

I was so confused, but I didn't show it.
My human said 'Clive!', but I blinked and walked past him, out into the garden.

All of the humans then stood at the door to the garden and made funny noises. It was strange. I stretched, then blinked at my usual human.

The humans carried on talking, so I decided to come back inside. I let my human scratch my ears for a bit, and tickle my chin, then I walked off.

All very confusing. I may go and see my usual human again in a little while.

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