Tuesday 3 May 2016

Food tactics

I like spending time with my human, but I also have three other humans I visit.

I like lots of attention and chin tickles from all of my humans... I also like food. I have found that, unfortunately, humans can be quite difficult to train - I have to get food from them in very different ways.

My usual human responds to me staring at him, letting out little sad meows, then rubbing and headbutting his legs. This usually gets him to fill my bowl with tuna, salmon, or beef.

My human over the road only responds to my long, yowling meow, or if I sit directly next to the big cold thing. This makes her open the door to the big cold thing and give me some ham.

My human to the right of my usual human's house needs prompting by me walking on his feet and rolling over to show my belly. I then get belly rubs and, more importantly, chicken.

My human to
the left of my usual human's house requires a less subtle approach: I have to paw at her legs and, sometimes, jump onto whatever she's reading. She often gives me prawns. I like prawns.

Humans - I wish you were easier to train.

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