Monday 25 April 2016

Not a tail

I was by my human's bed today, when something caught my eye... a meece's tail. It was long, and thin, and black.

I hid round the corner from the bed, by some clothes. I watched the tail. It didn't move... sneaky mouse.

I swished my own tail, crouched down, carefully followed the tail with my eyes.... then ran out and pounced on it! It was in my front paws and I bunny-kicked with my back paws!

I'd caught it!
I'd caught it! I'd caught it! I'd... it wasn't moving. It wasn't struggling. It wasn't even trying to escape. I bit it and it didn't wriggle.

I pulled on it, it came out from under the bed a bit... and I realised it was the wire I've seen my human put into the talky thing he puts to his ear. It wasn't a tail.

I was sad.

I had a nap.

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