Thursday 26 November 2015

Nap interrupted

My human left a big, white sheet out. It was over the large comfy thing he usually sits on.

I jumped up onto the large comfy thing. The sheet smelt nice and clean, and felt soft. It seemed like a good place to nap.

I turned round five times, found my perfect position, and settled down to sleep.

I'm not sure how many catty hours went by, but my human came up to me and said; 'Oh Clive! Not on there.'
He then lifted me up. I meowed in protest, but was still quite sleepy.

He put me on a chair.

He then came in with this weird roller thing and started rolling it over the sheet I was on.

I was confused. Don't leave nice, warm, clean, comfy sheets around if you don't want me to sleep on them.

I was annoyed, so I cleaned my back legs and my bum, and went back to napping.

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